Office Supplies We Love

Do you love office supplies as much as we do? We’ve got a slight obsession with the products you see below. They are fun, innovative and definitely should be shown off on your desk!

Sharpie Fine Neon Markers

1. Sharpie Fine Neon Markers

These markers are so fun and bright. You can write on almost any surface and the writing still comes up a brilliant, vivid color. The marks are also fluorescent under black light. This Neon Marker pack includes neon colors: orange, green, blue, pink, and yellow.

Post-it Karate Pop-up Note Dispenser 

2. Post-it Karate Pop-up Note Dispenser 

Hi-yah! Have your own karate warrior slip you post-it notes all day at work! The hands of the karate warrior hold the pack so it dispenses one note at a time for quick and easy use. The dispenser includes a penholder and comes with one 90-sheet pad of Super Sticky Pop-up Notes in Electric Glow colors.

Kokuyo Staple-Free Stapler

3. Kokuyo Staple-Free Stapler
Not only do these staplers come in cool, bright colors but they also are something entirely new! This stapler is a safe alternative to traditional staplers as well as economical and environmentally friendly.

They do not use metal staples to hold together paper. The stapler accurately punches, folds, and locks pages together in one continuous motion (shown in the photo right). This convenient stapler is always ready to use, and you don't have to worry about refilling it with staples.

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