Office Organization: 101

Having an organized office space is key to reducing stress and increasing productivity. Who doesn’t like their desk looking like it should belong on the cover of a magazine? The hard part is getting organized. Here we’ve complied a few tips in our “Office Organization:101” guide.

Clear Off Everything

Keep only what you actually need.  Get rid of unnecessary papers and junk. Create a home for all of your belongings. Invest in a great desk organizer to house all of your office supplies.

File It

File all of your important paper work. Create a workflow on your desk and inside your desk drawers with different desk trays and filing systems. But, don't stop there! Organize all of your digital files and emails into organized folders on your computer. With organized files, everything will be conveniently at your fingertips when needed.

Here are a few of our favorite desk top organizers and trays.

Safco combination rack desktop organizer

Safco Mesh Desktop Organizer

OIC Side Loading Stackable Desk Tray

Store It

Anything can be used as storage, big or small.  Big baskets can be used for bigger items and mason jars for smaller office supplies like pens and paper clips. Get creative! But keep it neat. Another good investment is storage boxes. Out with those old files and in with the new!

Save Desk Space

Put up some sturdy cabinets and put all those bins, binders, and books out of the way! Remember, we can design, build and install custom cabinets for you!  Also, organize all of the pesky power cords and wires from all of your computers, tablets, phones, etc. Use wire ties to keep them out of the way and neat to amplify your workspace. You can even use a binder clip!


(Custom Cabinets; with a little help from the family on the weekends. )

Stop the Madness

Having a messy desk and files at the end of the day is normal. It means you worked! But take five minutes at the end of your workday to put everything back in its place. That way when you return to work in the morning you’ll have a clean slate once again to get more work done.

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