7 Quick Tips For Improving Your Reception Area

Simple Improvements You Can Make To Your Reception Area

The reception area is the first spot prospective guests will see. How does yours stand up to your competition? If you find that your waiting area could use some work, it’s easy to start with just a few small things. Here are a few ways you can revamp your waiting area in less than a couple of days.

For Your Guests

1) Free WiFi & Charging Stations

Plug In Outlet

Your guests may want to check up on e-mails or complete some work while they’re waiting for an appointment. Free WiFi for guests will be greatly appreciated. Also, try to place your reception seating near power outlets, so guests can charge their devices while they wait.

2) Offer Entertainment & Reading Materials

Waiting Area

Does your company produce a quarterly magazine or other types of content? If so, you can have it on display in front of guests and potential clients within your reception area.

3) Offer Them Something to Drink

Coffee Cup

Want to be the MVP during someone’s hectic morning? Create a water cooler for your guests, and also offer them a cup of coffee. You can easily add a coffee maker and a condiment station next door, along with hot cups.

4) Ensure There’s Enough Space Between Guests

There’s a variety of different reception seating options out there, but figuring out which one is best for your office space can be difficult. For smaller offices, consider individual guest chairs placed a few inches away from each other. For larger spaces, you can consider full sized sofas or love seats.

For Receptionists & Other Employees

5) Play Music if Appropriate

Music Note

A recent podcast from Bloomberg suggests that music at work can be productive, if done correctly. The soundtrack of your workplace should be whatever your customer likes to listen to. While it shouldn’t be too loud to distract employees and guests, playing music at a low volume can actually help brighten the mood at work.

6) Have A Designated Area for Packages and Deliveries

Opened Empty Box

Figure out a designated spot for all package deliveries. Make it be in an area where patients or guests won’t see a pile. This will help avoid a cluttered appearance around your reception area, but will also let all employees know where to find packages once they are delivered.

7) Add Greenery

Plant in Reception Area

Want to improve the air in your reception space? Add some office plants in areas where you have some extra space. Earth911 offers a guide on the best plants based on the amount of light available in your reception space, along with how much room you have.

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