The Unconventional Guide to Cubicles

While companies like Google and Pixar have changed our view of the ‘typical office,’ many of us have chosen to go the traditional route when designing office spaces and stuck with old faithful: the cubicle. However, cubicles no longer have to feel sterile or boring. Many employees are taking the initiative to make their cubicles an extension of their personalities.

Allow your cubicle to feel like a second home (which we often refer to our offices as) and draw some inspiration from these creative cubicles.

Make it mobile. Being able to collaborate with co-workers can produce top quality and spot on work. This mobile cubicle allows you the sanctity of your own space with the ability to move around the office.

Make it Mobile


Make it futuristic. With the rise of start ups and tech companies, bringing cubicles to the present can seem daunting but this worker made it feel like the future with LED lighting.

Make it Futuristic


Make it chic. For many, their home design is an extension of themselves so bring your interior design know how to your cubicle ad make a statement.

Make it Chic


Make it cozy. Some of us may not have the luxury of telecommuting, allow your workspace to feel like home with photographs of family members or as this person did, with colorful curtains.

Make it Cozy

Source: flickr

Make it stand out. We are all unique but sometimes being surrounded by the same gray walls can stifle our sense of self. Try adding a print of your favorite artwork to inspire you.

Make it Stand Out


Make it executive. You want to move up in your company? Well this cubicle won’t make you the boss but will hopefully encourage you to work toward your goals.

Make it Executive


Make it organized. Remember, an organized cubicle is a happy cubicle. Use the panels of your cubicle for extra storage space.

Make it Organized


Make it inspire you. Surround yourself with positive reinforcement and your new outlook may surprise you.

Make it Inspire You


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