Our Guide To Choosing Your Office's Coffee

Office Coffee Guide

As the workday progresses, you might notice that your employees become tired and less productive. Why not offer them complimentary coffee to keep their creative juices flowing throughout the entire day? Implementing coffee service has been cited as one of the top perks requested by employees. Not only will your staff appreciate this gesture, they will be more productive and have higher morale in the workplace. We profile the best roasts to choose for your office and how much you’ll need to keep your staff satisfied.

How Much Coffee Do You Need? 

According to a study conducted by Zagat, the average American consumes approximately two cups of coffee per day. For our purposes, we will use the two cups of coffee to calculate how many cups of coffee per week your office staff will be brewing.  For example, if you’re staff consists of ten staff members, you will be brewing around 100 cups of coffee per work week, which equates to 400 cups per month. It is advisable for any small to medium size business to purchase coffee in bulk as the economies of scale are more beneficial.

Our Favorite Roasts

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic House Blend Caffeinated

The Green Mountain Organic coffee delivers a mixture of medium and dark roast blends that are flavorful and satisfying. Each carton provides 50 cups of delicious coffee, offering pre-measured bags for ease of use. Use in a variety of standard coffee makers.

  • SKU: #GMT4493
  • Satisfying blend of medium and dark roasts
  • Flavorful treat is deep, rich and full-bodied
  • Sealed packs for long-lasting freshness
  • Conveniently pre-measured
  • Use in standard coffeemakers

Lavazza Gran Filtro 100% Arabica Ground Caffeinated - South American Arabica

Made from the legendary coffee maker, the Lavazza Gran Filtro Arabica blend originates from Central America, Kenya, and Tanzania. This roast achieves a well balanced taste with a rich aroma offering light coffee for your staff. The pre-measured coffee packs produces approximately 10-12 cups of coffee, without any hassle.

  • Pre-measured, individually vacuum-packed 100% premium Arabica coffee
  • Superb, rich aroma and well-balanced
  • Produces approximately 10 to 12 cups
  • Works with any drip coffee machine

H2 KCU, FRENCH VANILLA, 96CT Caffeinated - French Vanilla

Who does not enjoy a fresh, cup of French vanilla coffee? The Keurig K-Cup blend comes with 96 individual cups for use in Keurig coffee brewers. These beans have been roasted in a process that brings out superb flavor.

  • Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavors of sweet vanilla cream
  • Beans have been roasted to premium level to bring out perfect flavor
  • K-cups for use in Keurig coffee brewers

Office Snax Hill Bros. Original Blend Coffee Ground Original Blend – Medium

The Hill Bros. Original blend offers coffee drinkers a medium roast along with a full body taste. The carton comes with 24 packs of coffee, ideal for use in the office. The ground coffee is ready for brewing in a variety of different machines.

  • Medium roast with full body
  • Ground and ready for brewing
  • Delivers a rich cup of coffee

Folgers Gourmet Supreme Ground Coffee Ground Regular - Dark/Bold

For coffee lovers who love dark and bold blends, the Folgers Gourmet Supreme Ground Coffee is a perfect choice. The full-bodied, blend of Arabica beans does not leave a bitter aftertaste. This carton comes with 42, 1.8 oz. packages.

  • Designed for the coffee connoisseur
  • Full-bodied, bold, graceful balanced cup of coffee originates from 100% Arabica beans
  • Dark/Bold roast, never leaves a bitter aftertaste
  • 1.8 oz Pouch
  • 42 / Carton

Breakroom/Coffee Supplies

Roasts are just the beginning of a full stocked breakroom. You’ll need other supplies such as brewing machines, creamers, cups, sugars, and more. Here are some of our recommended products to create a fully functional coffee system at your business.

Dixie PerfecTouch Hot Cup
Nestle Professional Coffee-Mate
Coffee Pro Commercial Pour Over Brewer
Keurig K155 OfficePRO Premier Brewing System
Office Snax Natural Cane Sugar

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