Burris Guide to Blueprints

A blueprint is a rendering of a floor plan or image that is white against a blue background. This is achieved by using specially made paper that is covered in a solution that reacts with light. Basically when exposed, the solution seeps into the paper and leaves a blue color behind. The part of the paper that was not opened to light stays white. And in a simple answer, you have blueprints.

Companies use blueprints for representations of exact details of floor plans, architectural designs, and more.

Steps for Making Blueprints

  1. Have your floor plan or image designed.
  2. Decide what size you would like your blueprint to be.
  3. Put a drawing of your image on a transparent piece of paper.
  4. The paper is placed in the specially designed solution and then immediately uncovered to a vivid light.
  5. The resulting blueprint is then wiped to rid itself of excess solution.
  6. You have your finished product.

Quality over Quantity

Being able to produce high quality blueprints requires hours of training. The skill to make clean images with readable text and clean lines is a skill that needs to be mastered. You are basically making a unique piece of artwork.

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