Design Trend: Texture & Color

Design Trend: Color and Texture

When looking for a fresh perspective in your office, a redesign can go a long way. For the budget conscious, a total new design with furniture, lighting, etc. can break the bank. However, by adding some texture and color, you can turn any drab office into a mecca of productivity.


Texture literally means how a surface of a chair, wall, carpet, etc. feels. You are no longer stuck with just visual elements of design; you must also factor in how it feels when you touch it. When designing a workspace, texture is easily overlooked and overshadowed by other design elements. However, it plays a very intricate part in the over all feel and design of the space. It is often said that texture can truly make a space feel complete. Here are some easy ways to add texture:

  • Plants: Not only does this add texture but plants are proven to increase morale.
  • Wood: Utilizing a reclaimed wood desk to bring out a warm feeling.
  • Rug: Adding a plush rug underneath your desk will help you feel at ease sitting for longer periods of time.

Arkansas: Texture in your Office


Adding color whether an entire wall or an accent piece to your shelf, is a simple way to transform an office. Different colors can actually alter the entire mood of the space.

  • Yellow: This is the color associated with cheerfulness. If your office tends to be a bit stressful, adding pops of yellow in décor or furniture can create a sense of happiness.
  • Blue/Green: These two colors can promote creativity and productivity. They are also very calming colors because they are associated with nature. Most people who work in offices are constantly under fluorescent lights and blues and greens bring nature inside.
  • Red: Small glimpses of red in an office can make a worker more passionate about a project. But only use this color sparingly as red can evoke aggression.
Arkansas: Colors affect your mood

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