Burris Does....

Burris Does….


Through 65 years of business we have seen a lot of changes to the office product and furniture industry.  New categories and items are available, and many different services that you may not even be aware we offer.  Through the next few blogs we are going to introduce some of the different things that we carry and also many of the services that we offer.

But before we talk about what we do, here is some of the history about who we are.


About Burris Inc.


Burris Inc. began business on September 8, 1953 at 101 West Main Street in Russellville, AR.  Troy Burris was the original owner and he serviced Pope County and neighboring counties.  In 1972, our business became incorporated in the state of Arkansas.  After several flooding incidents at that location, our business moved across the street into our current location.

Our business is currently owned and operated by the second and third generations of our family as we continue the tradition of our family owned business.


Office Products


Usually when you think about office products, you think paper, pens, and your basic office items.   But there is much more than that.  There is not a lot that anyone would need for an office that we can’t find or get.  We are able to buy from major wholesalers, different specialty wholesalers, and direct through many different companies to be able to provide you, our customers, the products that you need at a competitive price.

There are so many different types of items and categories under office products.  There are Pens and Pencils, Dry Erase Markers, Permanent Markers, Paint Pens, Fountain Pens, Calligraphy Pens, and many types of Highlighters; as well as specialty pens from Cross, Parker, and Sheaffer.  We are also able to get Refills for about any refillable pen.


Then there are desk accessories.  Tape and Dispensers, Staples and Staplers, Sticky Notes, Correction Tape, Scissors, and Rubber Bands.   Mailing products with many sizes and types of Envelopes, Labels, Packing Tape and Dispensers, Letter Opens, and Dab & Stick.  As well as all the items to decorate and Organize your desk/office.



There is so much available when it comes to paper products such as regular Copy Paper, Color Copy Paper, Different Weighted Paper, Pads, Notebooks, or Journals. Also,  any type of roll paper that you would need for a Calculator, Printer (including wide format), or a Register.  In addition Burris Inc. provides Calendars and Planners to keep your day organized.



Likewise, we have all of your filing needs from Folders, Guides, Storage Boxes and Totes.  Clipboards, Backpacks and many professional Briefcases.   To help your office run efficiently, Time Clocks and all the Accessories.


      Another thing we offer are Personal Electronics for an office; such as label makers, shredders, smaller printers and scanners, or calculators.  Also devices like Flash Drives, Blank CDs and DVDs, External Hard Drives, Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, and cables that you would need to hook them up.  Laminators and Binding machines and all of the supplies that you would need.


We also have plenty of items for those who still handle cash.  Counterfeit pens, Coin Rolls and Machines,    deposit and Zipper Bags, Cash and Security Boxes.


Let’s not forget about our teachers and students.  We carry a large variety of Educator’s Supplies and items to decorate a classroom.  While also carrying most anything that a student would have on their school supply list; no matter what grade they are currently in.  From crayons and color pencils for someone in elementary school to drafting and engineering templates for a college student.  We carry or can get anything that you would need.

There are still many things that we have not covered in this blog for office supplies.  Here at Burris, we will do our best to provide what you need for your office or business,  no matter the size.  Come by, give us a call, and check out our website and social media channels and see everything we have to offer.  Let us use our 200+ years of combined experience to help you and your business with all your office supply needs.


In the next part of our series we will discuss Furniture, Cubicles, and Space Planning.