Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Office / Work Space??

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Office / Work Space??


Are you someone that wants to get more out of your office space?  Could you use more room?  Do you feel like your workspace is missing something?  Maybe it needs to be more functional. Through this article, we are going to go through some ideas to help you get more out of your office space.  From organization to ergonomics, from functionality to personality.  No matter how big or small or the style of your office - these tips should help you get the most out your office space, and in turn increase productivity.



Proper lighting is essential to an office.  Your window situation will dictate what you need for this.  Floor lamps, desk lamps, or lighting under your hutch are all options.  At the same time, you may have too much light coming in and could use Hunter Douglas Blinds or Roller Shades to alleviate that problem and help with energy efficiency.


There are many options these days when it comes to lamps.  Floor lamps, table or desk lamps that clip or clamp on, LED, halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent are all available. Some lamps have added features such as built in charging and docking stations.  Through our vendors, we should be able to find a lighting option that can fit about any situation or style.


           Hunter Douglas Blinds or Roller Shades

There are a vast number of style and color options when it comes to the choice of Roller Shades and Blinds.  What you will need for your window treatment will depend on many factors….  Direction of the window, how much light you want to allow in , what style you are wanting, and color of the window  treatments.



There are multiple options and styles when it comes to organization.  From paper clips to blueprints, there are racks, carts, or containers that will organize most anything for a work area.  Ability to do your job well and the cost savings of being able to find what you need will be a major benefit.


Movement / Multipurpose

Not only do you need to be able to move around, but also being able to move the items in your office can make your office space easier to handle.  Another interesting option are some of the products that are multipurpose.  Why use something for one thing, when you can use it for multiple.

From being able move your files, to being able to move and hide a printer.  There are many things to choose from when it comes to mobility.  Mobile Pedestals, Mobile Carts and Mobile Printer/Fax Carts are some of the many options and styles.  And with these, custom items can also be added if you need an odd size to make things flow smoothly.   Being multipurpose helps any office area be more efficient.  Why just be able to store something when you can store something and it can be used as a seat?  Why just have a Dry-Erase board, when you can have a dry-erase and bulletin board?  These are a few things that can be used for more than one purpose.



Ergonomics are a very import aspect in today’s society.  Payroll is your biggest expense and exposure to adverse working conditions can result in momentary pain or long-term injury.   There are many ways to make your office more Ergonomic.   Sitting, standing or typing affect your overall well-being.     We will talk a little bit about each one.


Everyone sits at their desk in a different way.   It is important that your chair gives you the proper back support and the proper size seat (or a seat slider to make the seat sit better).   There are many different styles and types to fit every person.


Another thing to consider when you are looking at the Ergonomics of your office is your desk or workstation.  A growing need in the office is the ability to be able to stand and work at the same time.    You can use a desk riser that sits on your desk and will raise your computer or a rising desk and the whole thing (or only part if needed) will rise.


Think Vertically

There are a few ways to provide more vertical storage and workspaces.  Bookcases, storage cabinets, standard hutches and hanging hutches are some of the many options, and with our custom millwork we are able to build something that will fit your own work space.  Monitor Mounts are just one example of additional storage.  You can raise your monitor and it will give you more desk space.

Not only storage but you can also think vertically when it comes to how you work.  With the many options of dry-erase and bulletin boards you can definitely use your walls as extra work space.  A smart TV is another option that helps with this.



Controlling your wires

You can use one of the many cable management options, or you can add power options to your desk that will assist in hiding the numbers of wires that you can get tangled in.  You can also go wireless on everything possible.  Wireless Keyboards and Mice are a great addition and easy to use.



We want to help you bring your style to your office/workspace.  There are many ways to do this.  We will go over a few of the options that we have for that.   Obviously a lot of this will have to do with your style and the style of furniture that you have. 

A splash of color is the fastest way to dress up your office.  Chairs are an easy fix to brighten any room.   All types of fabric, vinyl or leather are available. Maybe it is your office accessories that can give you a new color.  Even your dry-erase boards are made in multiple colors.

Maybe you want to have a cork board for a vertical work area, but don’t want a standard cork board.  Check out our cork tiles that you can use to make any pattern that you would want.  There are also rolls of cork materials that you can make any shape that you would want.

Personal items like family pictures, awards, plaques, personal items always help make your office feel more warm and inviting.   Giving your work space more of your personality helps you feel more comfortable in the space.  The more comfort that you have in the space, the happier you will be to be there and in turn will increase productivity.


If you need help making the most out of your space please contact one of our Sales Reps and they will come out and show you many of the items that we have talked about. And if you have other organization ideas that can help someone get more out of their office/ workspace please leave a comment on our Facebook page!